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Book Hotels Online

You can book hotels, hostels, B&Bs and more selection of lodging through our website. Online payment system allows you to pay directly saving your time and efforts.

Car Rental Online

Car rental is another option for your travels in Armenia more convenient. We can arrange sedans, 4-wheel drives, minivans, minibuses and more. Cars can be arranged with or without a driver. .

Tours and hiking

Our professional team conducts over 100 trips and hikes around Armenia. Our schedule and services are updated periodically according to guests’ preferences. Enjoy your vacation with “Smart Travel.” .

Air Tickets

You can book your flight to the next travel destination through our website. Thousands of connections, reliable agencies, flexible and user-friendly form will ease your travel organization. .

Why travel with us

We have collected a great network of guests in the last 5 years thanks to our constant, professional and guest-oriented work. We would be delighted if you would become a part of this great group and discover Armenia with “Smart Travel.” .


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Guide Service

We provide guide services too. Our experienced guides are the best at showing and presenting Armenia. Our guides speak multiple languages, particularly English, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Farsi, Polish, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese and many more.

VIP Services

We can make your travel luxurious and fun. All the best of Armenia will be at your disposal.Fabulous accommodation, the most delicious flavors and unique experiences will make your stay unforgettable.

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